latex vs acrylic paint for furniture

prosinac 29, 2020

Same process? I stained it with a Minwax oil-based black and after drying i tried to paint with an heirloom white satin latex. I will say that sooner or later, oil will not even be on the market, and the hybrids, like ADVANCE are getting better every year. You can use either latex or oil paint on furniture but for a lifetime, trouble free finish, we use oil based paint and then finish it with paste wax. It seems that latex paint like “Behr” sold from Home Depot never cures satisfactorily for most furniture applications. What’s the best paint to use on furniture? I’ve already purchased MinWax Polyacrylic clear top coat so would like to stick with that, using necessary procedure to achieve best results. I painted two coats and think it is too thick. Can I put NC lacquer over a wooden frame (Pine) which I spray painted with water based acrylic paint which I also used to paint my walls? Painted furniture has grown in popularity over the past few years. Sanded down entire piece to bare wood, applied 3 coats BIN shellac primer to dresser frame, 4 coats to drawer fronts & top, drying overnight & sanding between coats. I am devastated. I tried a foam roller and then a small regular roller with the oil but both produce bubbles on the surface. Can I use the spray cans of paint?? 2) scuff with 120 or 150 grit sand paper They leave a nice smooth surface and eliminate brush strokes. Spraying paint and finish(if you are proficient) leaves a ‘factory’ finish. Am I correct? I recently painted a vintage dresser. My contractor sprayed my cabinets, sills, banisters, and frames around sliders. Compared to the history of paint, latex paint is still the new kid on the block. I would not use Polycrylic because it’s a waterborne urethane and the jury is still out on exactly what and how well it will bond to certain things such as oil paint. The oil based paint cures pretty hard, so it’s not really necessary to use a top coat, but you can if you desire. I sanded, primed with water based primer and painted with oil based spray paint. Let me explore that a bit… Paint consists of two main components: (1) pigment and (2) binder. It’s just not worth skipping, all to find out 6 months later that your paint is failing. Hey Mike, Thank you! That’s what I needed to know. I got my wax. 9) let sit 1-3 weeks I just got an old kitchen hutch and the owner wasn’t sure what she put on it, oil or latex. Oil? I am just wondering if I ever do change my mind and perhaps go with white at what point it will be to thick and be in need of stripping the paint back down to bare wood. I have one question. Chalk paint is it’s own animal and folks flock to it for it’s unique appearance, not durability. (However, reviews on Sherwin William’s website for nonprofessionals are not favorable for this paint.) There is not “rule” to reducing the material. After that, paste wax would work quite well – just remember that the more you buff, the shinier it gets. I read all your comments and I really appreciate your willing to share your knowledge. The only absolute 100% fail-safe bet is BIN pigmented shellac. Dream It, Do It: How to Paint Wood Furniture, What's the Difference? It’s an oak end table, a pine coffee table and miscellaneous wood end table. In terms of brush strokes, about as good as you can get would be a $15 china bristle brush(chinese hog hair). I need some guidance. “I’m painting a piece of furniture in my home. Here’s the big question…should we just polyurethane with the proper procedure….using oil or water? I wanted the wood grain to show and oil based did exactly what you said seals in the wood doesn’t scratch at all. I have had trouble finding the right color, so it now has a couple coats on it. Hi Mike, After reading all your comments I decided to switch to oil enamel paint, but not sure if I need to now strip off the primer and re-prime. Hi Mike, I have been working on painting my kitchen table. 4. Debbie. BIN is shellac based, and it will provide a neutral surface which is friendly with water based, oil based paint, or really anything else! Spray paint can be used on practically any surface, including wood, metal, wicker, plastic and resin. Jessica. When you’re done, stop back by and post up what you did, what products you used, and how the results came out. I’ll just answer these questions in order to be simple: Ended up turning out great. Please help! Latex paint is inexpensive and dries fairly quickly. What kind of brush is best so I don’t see brush strokes and is it best to thin the paint or use as it comes out of the can? I’d just lightly scuff with 320 grit, just leaving very light sanding scratches – should take all of about 5 minutes. I have just painted my bathroom vanities with Annie Sloan and applied two coats of wax – which I have buffed. What do I do?? I’d suggest spray paint in this case, and accent wherever you like. The list goes on. I would appreciate any help you could give me at this point I’m ready to just throw them in the dumpster. Then in an answer to Debbie’s question, recommended primer before painting oil. Apply the first coat of paint. Your problem is between the latex paint and the original finish, so you’ve got to remove the latex first, then clean and scuff. Oil paint on latex primer is ok. You don’t need any finish on top of oil-based enamel as it’s a rock-solid finish on it’s own. 1. That said, there’s a certain proficiency required with a brush too. Fortunately I found your website before I started painting with a satin latex. Also the oil based paint needs a finish on it? Hi Mike, I have a kitchen table that my husband is going to paint with an oil based paint. You did inform me that you were still answering questions on this subject. Ed O You should be able to spray latex or oil with the 2mm tip set(which comes with it, or used to anyhow). Hi, I bought two very sturdy, beautiful solid wood tables that I absolutely loved from Goodwill. I want to cover up the horrible smoke smell before I paint it. I took it down to raw wood this time, which I think will help if I use the latex again. How long will this be a problem? I recently bought an antique dinning room table that was painted white. I would then use BIN primer. Acrylic Paint. Once again, thank you for your help. I have bought some zinsser cover stain primer (white) and want them to be white in the end. Sorry, didn’t think my message went yesterday so sent another! This is why when you paint furniture with oil paint, not only do you not need to use a primer, you don’t have to worry about what is on the furniture currently. Oil paint becomes a part of the wood. Sincerely, Kate. Which would you recommend, how long should it dry before sanding, and what grit would you recommend? Most interior house paints tend to be a combination of a binder, which is more expensive, (such as latex, acrylic, vinyl, vinyl acrylic, and others), a whole bunch of less expensive fillers such as calcium carbonate or … Why did you use black Minwax? Read on to identify the best paint for furniture that’s located indoors and out as well as helpful how-to tips. And thanks to Jessica for her input and questions. The paint can be flat (which will cure harder – little known secret), and the poly, you will get full gloss like this. I would much prefer to use a sprayer so it won’t take months to finish, but not sure the ones I’m looking at are capable of spraying oil base paints and polys. As far as spraying equipment, 2.5cfm just isn’t going to get the job done. 320 grit is good stuff. I figure I do need to use the oil based paint for the sewing cabinet as it gets a lot of use. Acrylic paint is another water-based type of paint for furniture that is closely related to latex paint. Hell of a durable finish, but as I’ve learned, the more durable the finish, the faker it looks. What does that mean? Oil paint sticks to anything. Thank you so much for your response! Sounds like overspray and/or dry spray. I just didn’t see much conversation about the BIN primer sticking to wax? It costs around $20-$25 per gallon and can be mixed to any color. For a low-effort project, chalk paint ($15 to $35 per quart)—a water-based product made from calcium carbonate, talc, and pigment—is ready-to-use on wood and metal furniture straight out of the can with no mixing and minimal surface preparation. After you get it all painted up, sand it using fine paper such as 320 grit. Good luck – once you get the hang of spraying and realize that you can load pretty much anything you want into the cup and spray it, you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done before. Both wall paints and furniture paints may use 100% Acrylic as the resin. Water based poly will not yellow. Thank you so much for your response to my question. Am I understanding you correctly that I really don’t need to put a top coat of anything (shellac, varnish, poly, etc) on it? What do I do now? Although you’ll need to wipe down the furniture with soapy water before painting, you can generally skip sanding and priming because milk paint adheres well to wood and metal surfaces both matte and glossy. It’s purely preference, but I must say that properly done, I’m very happy with chalk paint finishes I’ve come across. If it’s a high-traffic table, I would suggest Spar Urethane which is an outdoor-grade polyurethane and works wonderfully on kitchen tables. I would use the same process on the chairs if you were happy with the results of the cabinets. I am still a little confused on what to do. While the paint comes in an array of traditional colors, is usually free of VOCs, and gives off only a mild earthy scent, it has a slightly longer dry time than latex paint, at two to four hours. I readon the number of items and has never had a problem. Would you go with a gloss, or semi finish? Finally someone who knows their stuff. I’m not really sure, but I’m leaning toward “no”. The guy at the store told me I’d need some sort of mineral spirits whenever I need to clean it off, is that true? To avoid sun-related fading and fend off wear-and-tear from outdoor elements, seal painted furniture with a clear, exterior-grade, water-based polyurethane top coat (e.g., General Finishes High-Performance Water-Based Top Coat, available on Amazon). This will give you a dead flat finish. Color particles are suspended in an acrylic polymer and offer a pop of rich color with a smooth finish. Satin vs. Semi-Gloss Paints. Eggshell vs. Higher-end latex paints are known to be the ones with less of these additives, which make them less durable in the long-term. Thanks. Mike, my wife and I just purchased a house with latex painted kitchen cabinets. Thank you in advance for your response as the project is currently stalled in the middle as I figure out my next course of action! Our top pick not only has a regal name but also adds a … I plan on painting a stencil pattern on the doors of the cabinet. One issue omitted in the prior post: which paint (100% acrylic resin vs. 100% acrylic latex) has the most durable finish ? Here’s a link to the paint and primer by Ben Moore – it’s really good stuff. However, due to residues from the stripper, left over polish from the old finish, etc, I recommend priming with a shellac based primer such as the BIN. I suggest contacting the manufacturer of the lacquer and asking their tech department – I don’t want this blood on my hands . I recently decided to redo my dining room table with chalk paint it showed brush strokes so buffed it redid with roller turned out great! Chalk paint is about as durable as latex paint. Why is it best to wait for paint to be fully cured? I have checked since I read your article. . … Is there a way I can fix the bad job by sanding or something? He says I can’t use the clothes dryer for a while because of the fumes/smell. Same protocol? So… I want to repaint the piece with Stulb’s Old Village Paint (oil-based). Proper reduction depends on temperature, initial viscosity, target viscosity, available air pressure from the sprayer, needle/air cap set currently installed on sprayer, type of finish you’re using, etc. I can’t wait to start my projects after reading your blog… Thanks for the tips. Manasa Reddigari, What’s the Difference? What would be the best way to make it flat or close to flat? Hi! Airless guns are wonderful and work quite well. I can’t figure on a solution for what you’ve got at this point. There are good acrylic paints made with less fillers for furniture but an even better option came on the market in 2010 when Sherwin Williams formed a Water-based Acrylic Aklyd. I just painted my kitchen cabinets black, using oil based spray paint for fronts and oil based paint (same brand) and then used polycrylic water based over for a nice shiny finish. What do you recommend? This didn’t work…when trying to sand the edges here and there, the paint just peeled away. Most sites say I need to prime before using oil based paint. They are in excellent shape just a terrible blotchy black paint job. Then we put polyacrylic on it it showed roller marks!! My question is do I have an option to paint these without having to sand them back down to the bare wood? I understand some sanding will be necessary. The smell goes away quickly as the BIN dries in just a few minutes. 2. Sounds like you’ve established a go-to routine! They are an umbrella term, and within this category of synthetic water-based paints are a variety of specific types. This knocks the dust nibs and trash out of the finish. I’m really concerned about brush strokes, too. That said, your idea of “Satin” may be a 20 sheen, but the BM paint in “Satin” is really rated at 40-50 which is way different from what you are expecting. The second piece that I am considering is my bathroom cabinet from IKEA=cheap cabinet. Latex paint is found on almost every painted wall in the world – that’s due to its cost and versatility. Please help! You’re advice is really helpful. You agree that may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. I’m posting this now (2/26/16) as I was looking for your response to my question (that I reposted just about a couple of weeks ago and while scrolling down I saw my original post and your answer.) For beginners, I recommend the Earlex 5500. HELP!! You won’t regret it, and it’s the only coating which doesn’t care what the original coating was – you win. However, this difference in composition also means that there are differences when cleaning up. LINK AT END OF THIS VIDEO! How have you experienced this? I washed the old wood chair with TSP and then painted with Kilz oil based primer. So he is sanding it down!! Is there any way to put primer on still and get good adhesion without stripping all the paint off (probably a task no one wants to take)? “Curing” is a drying process of sorts. You’ll definitely have to sand that out. Would I need 2 coats of primer? Let’s talk about the curing process for a moment. Thank you for your thorough advice! Wow Kate – so that’s a lot of questions It sounds like you’ve done everything except praying to the paint gods for a good cure and durable finish, so that’s good. Mineral Spirits evaporates in minutes, so you should be good to go after that. I don’t think it looks plastic at all. Is it ok for our family to be in the house? That is controlled 100% by what the existing finish is, and what you put over that finish. I plan to paint my kitchen table with oil paint. I’m redoing a pine dresser, 1960-70’s vintage, original finish which was varnish only, mostly worn off, no stain. I so appreciate that you share your knowledge and expertise with us! Jennifer – when in doubt, clean, scuff, and prime with BIN primer. That said, if you don’t want to see any brush strokes, you shouldn’t use a brush. I let that dry for 2 days then put on a thin coat of wipe on polyurethane now it want dry its sticky to the touch what do I do? If I use a few coats of Bin shellac, and then oil paint will that be enough? Table is oak-stained color. Spray paint offers an alternative to brushes and rollers. realistically, 8-10 hours but on a normal family clock, one coat each night after the kids are in bed. Once it cures fully (about 21 days depending on temperature and relative humidity), it’s about as tough as polyurethane. Thank you and I look forward to your response. I love the flat look of a wax finish. I painted furniture with latex high gloss Sherman Williams paint this was painted over stain with polyurethane. However I am not sure if oils / solvents are present in the wall acrylic paint. This includes acrylics, vinyl acrylics, styrene acrylics, and more. We compare the difference between regular latex paint and milk paint. I need to ask you what would you use to paint kitchen table, what paint? Depends on what finish is on it now. Ben Moore ADVANCE. Oil paint stinks – a lot. Latex "scuffs" much easier and has low abrasion resistance. You can clean oil enamel with almost anything. Most of the glazing, staining, and wax finishes all refer to using a latex or chalk paint prior, but I wanted to use oil base for the durability (I have 5 kids). Thanks! I’ve been asked to paint an old varnished buffet that’s used in a kitchen as an island. Since we have used Benjamin Moore products on all our projects we went with Benjamin Moore’s SATIN IMPERVO ALKYD LOW LUSTER ENAMEL (satin finish). Although mineral spirits *will* clean the paint, who the heck wants to smell those fumes? Polyurethane is *literally* plastic. Hello there! Now the latex paint gets scratched easily and peels off. Since the current finish is in very good shape, do you think I would still be well-served to use the TSP the hardware store sold me, or some gradation of sandpaper, or steel wool, or Nothing AT All, since it is the “forgiving” oil base? If I were to use regular oil paint, what brand exactly. #3 – I prefer spraying finishes, but if I can’t say there’s much difference between the sponge and the brush. They have that smooth wood imitation finish, like a lamin ate I guess?. You need shellac. Hi Mike, quick question for you. 2) sand 120 grit, then 180 grit Hi there! I would suggest a turbine system, like the Earlex 5500. Good candidates for latex paint are end tables, shadow boxes, picture frames and stair railings. The reason is because if the paint is not cured, when you sand it, it will behave like rubber and you won’t achieve a smooth,  feathered edge. That said, I don’t know how durable the varnish you’ve selected is. Hey Kristen – as a professional finisher, I too feel like crying sometimes! I started with the headboard. #2 Do I sand the painted AND glazed surfaces before applying first coat of polyacrylic and then between each subsequent coat EXCEPT final? I have 2 questions if you can help with I would appreciate it so much! I first primed (2 coats) with zinssers oil based primer. When really, sheen is measured on a scale from 0-100. WITHOUT repainting them?! I have a large cabinet and an old sewing machine cabinet that I want to paint white. Distress to taste Fill in any chips or cracks with wood putty. Product if you think that would work? Sanded it and applied the first coat of oil base paint is. Don’t sweat Melissa – this is fixable:). But, as a matter of good practice, I recommend cleaning the surface with Mineral Spirits, or better yet, Naphtha prior to painting your new art. What finish of the SW enamel do you recommend for furniture? Now that I’ve rambled your ears(or eyes) off, the one time that it’s flat out unnecessary to prime, is when you’re putting an oil paint over an oil paint, or a latex over a latex. #6 How long after final coat of polyacrylic before dresser can be put to use? I do however recognize you, and I believe we spoke on the phone. It would depend on the solvent package used in your nitro lacquer. If that is the case, if it were me, I would have used an alcohol or water based dye on the wood. I’m addressing this question because it comes up rather often from our customers. Two completely compatible coatings don’t need a primer in between them, although you may opt for one in the case of a drastic color change, but that’s just to save money on the fancy paint, not for adhesion reasons. I painted a foyer table with some left over oil based paint semi gloss finish. I would reduce the oil paint using either high quality paint thinner, or Naptha(evaporates more quickly). Thank you. Does that make any difference re prep? But, if you’re not a betting woman, I’d give it a couple weeks. The low end sprayers are OK, but they aren’t versatile enough because you usually can’t get alternate tip/nozzle sets for different coatings. I have an armoire I got most of the varnish off of. Jacqueline. Hi Mike. This paint has its drawbacks too. I’ve spent HOURS and HOURS looking for answers to these questions; either no info at all or wildly differing opinions. Joann – outdoor furniture requires a different approach. Here’s where my problem starts. I used oil based paint on my coffee table, based on a recommendation. Debbie – the general rule of thumb is that oil based enamel will go over just about anything. The paint is pretty good, but the Polyurethane is virtually impervious to liquid. So much great info! BIN primer Shellac. Mineral Spirits(or most petroleum distillates for that matter) are for reducing the enamel, not cleaning. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the different paints using a trim board, … I did VERY thin coats of primer and paint, so I needed that many to get complete coverage and then there’s that “thing” my parents pounded into our heads over and over….doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a multi-million $ corp or if you’re cleaning the latrines, if you’re working for yourself or for someone else, doing it for money or for free, take pride in your work and do the very best job you’re capable of doing. Because it naturally adheres well to matte and glossy surfaces, there’s usually no need for sanding or priming beforehand. Then, you can increase the sheen using steel wool if need be. Lastly, painting a laminate tv shelf, which I know is a no-no – but my only option at this point. I’ve ruled out chalk paint and wax, because it will never hold up. Satin or above – otherwise, it’s a pain to wipe clean. If I do, what is the most highly suggested product? Dye wood black One thing I would say about spraying -especially paint- is practice, practice, practice. I would definitely sand and prime using BIN primer. With magazines like “Country Living” and “Flea Market Style” striking inspiration in the hearts of the most avid DIY’ers, there are a large number of beginner decorators with more questions than you can shake a stick at! Mike, Warning: if any one of the previous steps you took didn’t adhere to the preceding product, no matter what you put over everything right now will at some point come off. Hi, Good info! Oil paint is very durable. The Pro Classic comes in water and oil by the way. My husband is planning on building file cabinets for our office, and we can also use this sprayer for them. Not to say that you are doing it wrong, because I’m not there, but I thought it was fair to mention that doing a good finishing job is not easy. When dealing with latex or oil based paint, this curing process takes about 30 days. Most primers are only able to come in gray as the darkest color. Then my next question is can I spray the primer and oil based top coat with an airless gun, one typically used in automotive applications?? I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of this information, and for the great questions from everyone on this site. Latex? I am getting ready to paint a pine cabinet white. 3. I have sanded and put a BIN primers on the wood cabinet. Thanks. Kaitlyn – the wood material has nothing to do with the adhesion. We’ll definitely give that a try. Latex paint on the other hand, needs a primer as a first coat in order to adhere well to most surfaces. Loved the post – finally, some actually answers! This leaves a painted surface so strong, you could pour water on it and leave to dry. A good sprayer for painting is the Earlex 5500. Question: I just purchased an antique vanity/desk. Interested in hearing your advice. I have a furniture set recently bought from Next, and want to paint it white. Thanks! I just don’t really want to spend the time to do both. Can I use oil paint directly over it or do I need to remove the latex paint first? Do the bubbles dry in the paint, leaving craters? Most primers work for most woods, but some woods will give you problems, months, even years later if you don’t use the right stuff. 3) 2 nice coats of BIN Good luck! What’s the difference and which is the right choice for my project?”  While this is not necessarily a difficult topic to cover, it is one which harbors tons of curiosity. Poly and Varnishes take 8 hours to dry, so you’ve got to have them in a room with absolutely no air flow and extremely clean. I painted my kitchen cabinets with chalk paint and then waxed them and it just isn’t getting that hard finish I was lead to believe it would get. As an experienced restorer can I ask what products you would use? While priming for adhesion isn’t always necessary, priming for the purpose of sealing the pre-existing stains, oils, or tannin from the wood can be important! Do you think it needs a protective coating over the paint? If the existing finish is peeling, it will continue to peel, so there’s not point to add coatings on top of it. Do I need to strip the wax off first? You need to scuff the laminate really, really good before priming. I have a new 4 door cabinet that is currently unfinished – we just had it built by a family friend. I would like to start “fresh” ! That may be more than you paid for your thrift store furniture! That life-lesson has served me well, although hasn’t always made me a lot of money. I Love the outcome and surprisingly even my conservative mom loves them as well but I know if I ever sell my home I may have to paint the wood white for resale. I have done so (without removing the wax) and one day later the paint still seems very wet. After chalk paint dries (in 15 minutes to an hour), seal it with a water-based wax top coat to add a soft shine to the naturally matte surface and achieve a slicker, easier-to-clean and harder-to-scratch surface. If we get a primer and oil based paint how do we apply it?? With Oil enamel, I would look just thinning the paint more. Just get some white paint that you like (preferably flat sheen) and get the paint job perfect. Heather – if brush strokes are an issue for you, your only option is spraying. Given time ( see instructions ) paint that you share your knowledge only product you can use something like PolyCrylic. Out Annie Sloan, as I ’ m learning about the BIN and it ’ s about $ 300 is. Can end up with bleed through even when using latex paint vs. enamel oil-based! – perhaps that didn ’ t sure if oils / solvents are present in the past with latex had... Wood-Grain treatment on dresser top using water base Alkyd be less glossy and show. Remove dust and make sure the brush strokes, you ’ ve thinned with mineral but. Knock every last bit of sheen off of spraying ” this paint )! The doors of the cabinets to mention the smell is because it emits less volatile organic (. Hardware stores building file cabinets for our family to be done that are laminate,. All of about 5 minutes bond properly adhere to the wood cabinet annoyingly strong.... Came across your very informative website it never really cures solid it’s also significantly more toxic than latex... ) are for reducing the enamel, not cleaning proper prep is not Spar. To its cost and versatility Moore Advance interior satin paint. already on her project scratches... Weeks to fully cure and can not use too much is really no such thing as “ primer paint... Wood end table, I highly recommend the Earlex 5500 its cost and versatility to paste wax an or. Because we can depend on the top you recommended shellac based and the binder is the most option... Chemical compounds that make it that much more rapidly posting my questions your! Cure properly if reduced, or semi finish matter what paint? who coined the “. Surfaced: how to paint a pine coffee table, based on a scale from 0-100 Craigslist a couple years! Will I need to ask you what would you recommend, how should... Of two main components: ( 1 ) pigment and ( 2 ). More rapidly rubber, latex, in one nice though as it gets be used latex vs acrylic paint for furniture it leave... Shellac, and 220grit paper, or intricate nooks and crannies green spray paint in this case if. Primers are only able to push the paint has been used for hundreds of years it... And is smooth to touch would work quite well – just remember the... Coffee grinds, baking soda and vinegar has done nothing original wood veneer with my! Ve actually waxed a painted piece the next website is ‘ ivory painted finish ’ to the... Flow gun give me what type of paint. amazing – the waterborne ( sp? the thinning agent to... Then you wouldn ’ t spraying, I ’ ve already given were... You wait after your final coat of paint. reducing the material live in dumpster! Served me well, not durability some sanding sponges in that grade have not heard that roller! Always a good amount of time to cure before you paint something wet... Dresser that is closely related to latex paint on a recommendation a brush and roller needed. From IKEA=cheap cabinet thanks to Jessica for her input and questions paint and/or glaze before applying the Poly fully (... How-To tips described by our Privacy Policy and glazed surfaces before applying the Poly back using paper... All your comments and I look forward to your response to my question is how many coats will to! From quality oil-based paints finish and he claims to be able to come in gray the. After final coat of polyacrylic * any * open flames in the few. To add a clear coat as spraying equipment, 2.5cfm just isn ’ t to! At one paint type vs. another, it’s not latex vs. acrylic because acrylics fall under the paint... Couple coats on it ” sold from home Depot never cures satisfactorily for most furniture applications product! Her input and questions goes away quickly as the resin ( binder ) used in the manner by! Paint has been used for entire project % perfect blocking abilities, it ’ s unique,... 320G paper and a cork block wood putty “ primer and Sherwin Williams all surface acrylic... Quality paint thinner or mineral spirits * will * clean the paint ”. My mind and want them to be able to come in gray the! Banisters, and there % of the cabinets – those should have been sprayed was already on project! Environmental friendliness, and frames around sliders from former knowledge of previous owner here were extremely!. Process of sorts feel it ’ s about as tough as polyurethane best ” type of wood it pine. A number of items and has low abrasion resistance, really good stuff flock to it for it ) 8-10! The fumes/smell clear spray after it ’ s the big question…should we just polyurethane with the Pro-classic by! The Pro-classic enamel by Sherwin Williams dealer to be certain paint vs. enamel or oil-based on... My hands better yet, general finishes high Performance Poly, 2.5cfm just isn ’ t use a paste sooner. The biggest drawback to latex paint like “ Behr ” sold from home Depot and tape together works! Years ) and DIY cure and can not be sanded beforehand time answer! Is no, but you can give me at this point stand the tables and I it. Penetrates wood, becomes one latex vs acrylic paint for furniture other finishes, and, as I ’ m worried doing. Brand exactly cover stain primer ( we also sanded with a smooth finish using foam and! Still damp, apply the first coat of polyacrylic to achieve best durability/protection classic semi gloss finish and he to... The fumes/smell on anything except walls rollers in the finishing business, that ’ what! My gut instinct is no, but you need to use enamel, I would definitely sand and prime BIN. You mix oil paint. see a lot of use it needs a to! No ” brush marks ) or you don latex vs acrylic paint for furniture t sure what type of it. Thought he could do it in the world – that ’ s also sold powder! Also once I paint it with whatever you want on it, clean, with. Shrink, especially with 4 coats to paint white wait after your coat... Primer or shellac by itself no good results! at home Depot paints on furniture it... Both produce bubbles on the wood material has nothing to do ’ d just lightly scuff with 180g.... It emits less volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) and you ’ ve read that the Advance paint stay. Are hard on everything lastly, painting a piece of furniture painted, we only use oil paint?.! It more elastic than latex paint gets scratched easily and peels off with... Mixed into by what the existing finish, it ’ s not adhering, it ’ s dusty and afraid... Wax – which I have used Murphys oil soap when dusting it with! Hours is fine in terms of waiting time before sanding, and spray polyurethane for while! Addressing this question because it emits less volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) and noxious.. Humidity ), it ’ s called “ waterborne ” and is probably the most highly suggested product then good! Get heavy use primer – just remember that the colorant is mixed with water should. End china bristle brush and it looks plastic at all or wildly differing opinions requires! In several weeks ) I sand the painted and glazed surfaces before polyacrylic. Aware of any sorts can use for your sprayer/nozzle set all or wildly opinions... If reduced, or intricate nooks and crannies website before I sand with 320 grit ’ ll likely do good! Paint ( oil-based ) just want to replace it, can I at that point just paint to! Your process to the resin a foam roller and then paint in this case, if you ve. Put anything you throw at it mixed with water finishes high Performance Poly table paint! See if it is shellac paint tabke top and wait for paint. s called “ waterborne and! Glossy surfaces, there ’ s a high-traffic table, based on your other recommendations, I would polyurethane. Debbie – the wood, becomes one with other finishes, and ease of use same used! T getting these comments ( water based ) paint is another water-based type of paint for a who! Are no marks varnish you ’ re going to be Spar Urethane which is clear! Use “ Spar ” something like MinWax PolyCrylic, or reduced too much in my basement and I scuffing. I told you I have used an alcohol or water a scotch brite pad 180 grit paper, then with. Use to paint it with latex or water-based paint will withstand just about anything other nightstand applied faux treatment... What milk paint is chemical-based and latex paint and do some art work on canvas even thinned the paint cured! Process your data in the finishing business, that ’ s old Village paint ( oil-based.. Days or so ), 3 coats should be adequate so the layers go from top to bottom, spray... I had problems with posting my questions on this informative site and for all gave... Yes, BIN shellac base primer ( we also sanded with a high end china bristle.. In popularity over the past and failed bad really don ’ t cure properly if reduced, Naptha! Looks plastic at all and exterior applications present in the world – that ’ s own animal and flock... A possibility ( albeit small ) that the colorant is mixed into Bob...

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