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Several months after he defeated Kai the spirit Warrior, Po has become a Kung Fu teacher and is more dedicated to learning new techniques and improving his skills. However, she didn't have time to say anything before arriving at Gongmen City. Deducting an escape route, Tigress led the others to safety by scaling the outside of the falling tower and springing off it over the wall bordering the palace grounds. The premise of Kung Fu Panda 2 seems to be symbolic- when the Europeans came to China and saw China's fireworks, they used the gunpowder and technology to invent weapons out of them. She stays behind with Monkey, Viper, and Shifu, while Crane and Mantis are sent to scout for Kai's location, and Po travels with Li Shan and Mr. Ping to the Panda Village. She worked hard at her kung fu training to make him proud and perhaps wished to become the Dragon Warrior herself as a means to do so. Tigress was adopted when Tai Lung was a teenager or at least still there.In the short, Shifu could be seen smiling. Tigress eventually started becoming even stern and harsh as her master when he tried to get her into emulating his style, but Grand Master Oogway cautioned against it as he watched nearby. I own Stuart and the other Oc. The diminutive red panda stopped her, saying that if he hadn't made the panda quit by the next morning, then it was he who failed his students. At first, they assumed that they had vanquished him completely, but sure enough, Tai Lung reappeared, swinging back from the opposite peak with the ropes from the now-destroyed bridge, and landing behind the startled team. For example, Mantis slowly crawled away when Tigress began walking into Po's room while the panda was telling them about his knowledge of Tai Lung. Hey, I'm a natural-born shipper, so sue me. Tigress She is sometimes shown being playful with children and is unwaveringly polite to all the citizens of the Valley of Peace. Read Memories from the story Kung Fu Panda 1: Tigress's POV by wildkratticusfever with 1,016 reads. The Five played a game of "Elimination Tag". One of the many ways of training she endured was punching the iron-wood trees outside the Jade Palace, an exercise that eventually resulted in her having no feeling in her paws.[2]. Later on when Yijiro gave her a headband that bared a Japanese symbol for "brave warrior", Crane noticed her having a romantic daydream, which she tried to hide from him. The idea of there being some kind of potential romance between the two has been explored for comedic effect throughout the series. Returning to the jail to hide, she angrily confronted Po over why he let Shen escape, as well as almost getting them all killed in the bargain. Shorts Tigress and the Five, impressed, then praised Mr. Ping as the "Dragon Chef". But Shifu was a calm and patient teacher, and over time he instructed her to control her temper and her strength, teaching her the importance of discipline. In the credits of the first film, she is seen toying affectionately with the panda training doll, similar to a cat with a ball of wool, in between savaging it. In "A Tigress Tale", Tigress becomes annoyed by Po's presence as it distracts her and the five from training. She then helped out in the kitchen by cutting up vegetables with her claws and asking customers if they were satisfied. After Po tagged Mantis, Tigress appeared at the end and confronted the panda by the riverside. Furthermore, she fought in sync with Po in battles in a strong comradeship, having grown used to working with him. Po and Monkey then joked a…  •  Bao Gu Orphanage (previously) •  The Jade Palace in the Valley of Peace She worked hard at her kung fu training to make him proud, and perhaps wished to become the Dragon Warrior herself as a means to do so. Later when she and the other Five found Po in Shen's fireworks factory, Tigress went after Po to prevent him from being hurt but was too late as Shen blasted Po from the building with a cannon. Tigress, Po, and rest of the Furious Five defending Artisan Village. However, Po had an alternative: The Wuxi Finger Hold, but Tigress is unammused and reminds Po that Kai had an army of jombies who act as his eyes and ears, making it impossible to sneak up on him. Po was adamant upon going with them however, leading the two to spar once more. When Po defeated Tai Lung in single combat, Tigress was duly impressed and allowed herself to bow him with a smile. She and the others are overjoyed upon his return, and later accept instruction from him in the art of giving Chi. The derision that her master felt was echoed by Tigress, for she felt offended and insulted that "a fat, flabby panda" like Po would be chosen over a loyal student like herself. Tigress is the most concerned and quickly comes to Shifu aid but is unable to prevent Monkey and Viper from being taken by Kai. She immediately alerted Po of the matter, also telling him not to take any snack stops, and the six set out to the village to fight off the bandits. Amber South China Tiger Later, Tigress learned that a village of musicians was under attack by a pack of wolf bandits set on stealing all the metal they could find. This friendship paid off when the Five battled Tai Lung in the first film. However, the Five's attempts to use kung fu to perform the menial tasks of cooking and serving ended in disaster, with customers getting food spilled on them in the process. Character information Shifu then tried to cheer her up by kindly asking her to play a game of checkers, to which she agreed. Soon after, Kai shows up with an enslaved Crane and Mantis and declares his intentions to destroy everything Oogway had built. In the film, she evades being attacked by Kai in order to warn Po that Kai is coming for the Pandas. Tigress is later present with Shifu, Viper, and Monkey as they read messages which tell of Kai having absorbed the chi of every single kung fu master in China, save the Jade Palace masters. When Po remarks that there are no ladies at the Jade Palace, both Tigress and Viper glare at him and when he remarks on how annoying women can be, both look angry and slap him. Dreamworks Animation Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Voiced most times by Angelina Jolie. Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious FiveKung Fu Panda HolidayKung Fu Panda: Secrets of the MastersKung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The Scroll She has little fear in her heart, and can certainly inflict fear in other's hearts with her ferocity. It appeared that Oogway was about to point at her — until a fat panda named Po seemingly fell out of the sky and landed right in front of Oogway's pointing claw. Such a feat was not accomplished by anyone, except Po and Oogway. Tigress used kung fu to assist with place settings for the feast, performing her Tahlia Leap to set up lanterns. According to a legend, Shifu used to smile. Tigress fell into her role as leader and began to lead the evacuation in spite of her sadness. When Fung and his gang returned, along with his extremely large younger cousin Lidong, Tigress was forced to battle the enormous crocodile alone. Zan (short-term)[8] In "Scorpion's Sting", Tigress caught River Fever, a disease harmless to children, but fatal to adults. The peaceful atmosphere was shattered, however, when Shifu arrived to bring them terrible news: Tai Lung had indeed escaped prison, and to make things worse, Oogway had just passed away. Despite this, the adults who came to adopt children were still afraid of her, and she was still left at the orphanage. Master(s) This shows that Tigress' ability to be easily provoked is well known amongst her friends. Shifu reviving Tigress from Tai Lung's chi-blocking technique. 20s[1][2][3] Concerned, Tigress followed him outside and helped him relieve his frustrations by sparring with him. Soothsayer : Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. When all the tasks had been fulfilled, she later sat at the table with all the other kung fu Masters for the Palace Winter Feast, but the formal dinner was interrupted by Po himself, who explained to the Masters his own family traditions, and excused himself to be at his home with his father on the holiday. The Servant tells her about Wu Yong a dedicated martial artist who focused on nothing but kung fu, only for Mugan's training to break him after he injured his leg training, preventing him from practicing kung fu again. Tigress also showed kindness towards Po when she helped relieve his stress about finding out that Mr. Ping wasn't his biological father by sparring with him on the boat ride to Gongmen City. As a little girl, Tigress was raised in the Bao Gu Orphanage, presumably located in the Valley of Peace. Fortunately, Po arrives to convince her to return to the Jade Palace and finds Tigress, who after listening to his attempts to convince her to return, explains that she has been imprisoned. There she overheard Po admitting his own lack of confidence, seeing neither he nor her master had a solution on just how they could make him the Dragon Warrior. Attempts were made throughout the day to discourage Po and make him quit, but he persevered and made it through the second day—even after sparring with most of the Five and literally being thrown out by Shifu and tumbling down the steps of the palace. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Heroes who aren't revealed to be good at first, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Kung Fu Panda: The GameKung Fu Panda: Legendary WarriorsKung Fu Panda 2: The GameKung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends She was further disgusted by Shen's lack of concern for the well-being of the bystanders witnessing the event by blasting away a bridge to clear a path, which led her to call him a coward. However, Shifu decided to take her in, giving Tigress a new home at the Jade Palace. When Stuart was then adopted by Heart wrestling family. Tigress and the rest of the Five made their way over to Shen's refinery where they intended to ignite powder kegs around the factory to destroy it. Though she demonstrated her strict nature by ordering (and eventually fighting) Po to stay behind in the prison for refusing to explain his sudden hesitation in catching Shen, she also showed compassion towards him at Po's revelation of his parentage, surprising him and the rest of the Five when she hugged him instead of lunging at him, and saying she did understand Po's troubles, but wanted him to remain in the prison because she couldn't watch her friend be killed, showing him that she wasn't quite as unfeeling as Po thought. Tigress is also confused by Po's methods when he does begin training the pandas, but eventually sees the positive results of his tactics. In Kung Fu Panda 2, Tigress has come to accept Po as a friend and fellow warrior, whilst his easygoing manner has rubbed off on her slightly, causing her to interact with him in a more casual and lighthearted manner. She immediately alerted Po of the matter while also telling him not to take any snack stops, and the six set out to the village to fight off the bandits. When he refused to answer, she ordered him to stay in the company of Storming Ox and Croc, thinking that Po was not capable of completing the mission due to his unspoken hindrance. Also, it was revealed that Tigress hates clowns; When "Mr. Clown" asked Tigress her name she replied "back away" and when Mr. Ping left he said he was going to make friends with "something friendly".

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