effects of deforestation on human health

prosinac 29, 2020

People have already cut down approximately half of the world’s tropical forests. While they help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, they also give our bodies an extra health boost. According to Olorunda (2007) global warming occurs as a result of increase in concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere. Disrupted Livelihoods Thousands and thousands of people all over the world are contingent upon forests for hunting , gathering and medicine, small-scale agriculture and forest resources such as rubber and palm oil. Emerging viral diseases pose significant threats to human and wildlife populations (see Wilcox and Ellis, this issue). Forests provide a healthier environment, a place for recreation, and a place of peace. We know that forests are a vital part of oxygen production, as well as the absorption of carbon dioxide. She opined further that tremendous increase in the consumption of fossil fuel by human activities resulting in a corresponding continuous increase in atmospheric carbon (IV) oxides CO2 each year from industries, agricultural activities (bush burning) and grazing which lead to increase in green house gases. What are the causes of deforestation, and what impact does this have on human health? This particular form of malaria was originally only in macaques. Studies in china have confirmed that medical herb production is a big business (FAO, 2006). MONQ Takes Sustainability to a Whole New Level! And you know how is it impacting the environment? Fire if controlled and use intelligently is an effective management tool but if allow to run free it poses a significant threat. In an area that has experienced rapid deforestation, there has been an alarming increase in the number of malaria cases. Logging activities can seriously degrade forest. The Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, and other pathogens pass between mosquitoes and animals. Ontario Natural Food Co-op,Pricing & Promotions, Team Lead Jobs in Canada, Domino Stores Limited Job Vacancy for Finance & Accounts Head, World Vision International Child Sponsorship Manager Job Vacancy in Uganda. Because of close quarters, the disease spread through macaques populat… Deforestation is a worrisome environmental problem ravaging the Niger Delta leading to climate change, global warming, soil erosion, flooding, loss of biodiversity, decrease in the amount of rain fall, desertification, destruction of medical plants, economic lost, etc. Many of the world’s coffee species have a large chance of becoming extinct due to deforestation.3. As we cut down forests, many people who rely on them for food, water, shelter, and fuel don’t have these basic necessities. Because of close quarters, the disease spread through macaques populations. Health problems associated with deforestation. 14, pages 4-6 (2000) Deforestation negatively affects human health in many different ways, yet humans are not the only species threatened by the loss of forested land. Land use changes, especially in the form of deforestation, are the second largest anthropogenic source of atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions, after fossil fuel combustion. In low temperature, tree roots are frozen to deprive the shoot system of water thereby causing death. Destroying the forest will lead to lost of economic tree that will lead to loss of revenue and future employment that could be derived from their sustainable management (FAO, 2006). What makes mountain air so good for you, and is it really as clean as […], Forests make up approximately one-third of the earth’s total land mass, but every year we are losing more and more of them. They protect soil from erosion, produce oxygen, store carbon dioxide and help control climate. They also provide a home to hundreds of thousands of different organisms, many of which are endemic to the area they live in. Known as forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku, the act of talking a mindful walk through the forest can benefit you both physically and emotionally. These deficiencies predispose the plant to attack by insect or fungi which result into death and subsequently elimination of trees (Phileze, 2005). When we cut down trees, there are fewer trees to absorb greenhouse gases. Natural Threats to Rainforest. Some trees are use as herb. Deforestation is affecting the health of human being and fresh environment through climate Essay Deforestation Effects, increasing global warming, soil erosion, floods, wildlife extinction, decreasing level fresh oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide gas and many more. Oil spills, droughts, floods and deforestation are some environmental problems that lead to the dying off of animals or ecosystems. Thus deforestation is the removal of forest resources by man to enable him put the land into other uses without immediate replacement. Deforestation leads to an increase in mosquito breeding, as well as a decrease in natural habitat. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. He also opined that this evil had divastatedely affect both living and non-living element in our fragile environment which need support and rescue. Based on the seminar research topic, it was concluded that deforestation is cause by many factors and have many effects on human health and the environment. deforestation on human health. The more the trees (forest), the less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the more oxygen. Trees play a major role in the carbon cycle, they convert the carbon (IV) oxide in the air to oxygen through the process of photosynthesis and in this way they can be looked at as a natural regulator of the carbon dioxide. Trees produce thousands of, The peace that you feel from a walk in the forest actually has a bit of scientific reasoning behind it. A bird begins to sing, and a brightly colored butterfly flits its way through the warm air. (2007) Monitoring and Modeling Techniques of Environmental Pollution. In water cycle, moisture is transpired and evaporated into the atmosphere forming cloud before being precipitated as rain. Tropical deforestation is responsible for approximately 20% of world greenhouse gas emissions. Birds are also feeling the effects of environmental problems 1. Approximately 25% of all natural medicines are originally from rainforests, and there are plenty more species that we haven’t studied. Deforestation is a contributor to global warming, and is often cited as one of the major causes of the enhanced greenhouse effect. Global warming which is caused by human activities such as deforestation lead to the destruction of the ozone layer that shield the surface of the earth from excessive ultra-violent rays. According to Unuraye (2010) the resultant evil of natural and environmental hazard gave birth to climate change. Because these diseases evolve over time with animals, they often do not produce any symptoms. Fresh water animal and other animal use the forest as a habitat. Breathe Nature with Newly Reformulated MONQ Forest Blend, Clove Bud Essential Oil – A Holiday Favorite with Health Benefits. Unuraye, L.O (2011) Fundamental of Industrial and Environmental Health Management  [2nd ed]: Ughelli: Kabaka Press. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Forest fires occur […], It’s early morning and a beam of light makes its way through the dense canopy of trees. Thanks to your MONQ Ambassador, you now have a 10% discount automatically added to your cart . Greenhouse gases are emitted during combustion of forest biomass and decomposition of remaining plant material and soil carbon. Addresses the land issues identified by UNEP regional groups, and highlights the pressures of human demands on the land resource as the cause of land degradation. To put that in perspective, just one diffusion of a desktop diffuser uses as much […], We love to share our essential oil blends in ways that can boost your health and happiness and expand the joys of life. These fires clear between four million and five million acres of land every single year. But trees do far more to cool the air around them besides block the sun’s rays. Odjugo, P.A (2010) A General Overview of Climate Change Impact in Nigeria: Journal of Human Ecology, 29(1): 20-25, Olojoba, A.O (2009) Millennium Technology in Waste Management and Environmental Pollution Mitigation. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization [FAO] (2006) estimated that 18million acre (7.3million hectares) of forest are lost each year. Olorunda, J.O, Onojeharho, D., Keme, S, Ogene, N and Sule, A. There’s just something about the air in the mountains that feels so much fresher than air found anywhere else. “The key implication is that forest clearing has a direct impact on human health, ... (2003 to 2015) and show deforestation has a strong positive effect on malaria incidence. Phileze, P. (2005). Some of these industries thrive on illegal wood cutting and felling of trees. Tropical forests are major target of infrastructure development for soil exploration, logging, concession or hydro-power, dam construction which inevitably conveys the expansion of the road network. Mosquitoes and animals cram into smaller and smaller habitats. According to intergovernmental panel on climate change [IPCC] (2007, as cited in Olojoba, 2009)  that human activities is responsible and that the climate change have severe effects on human societies, agriculture and natural ecosystems in the form of green house effect, ozone layer depletion and acid rain. The deforestation of uplands also leads to soil erosion and flooding, this has led to outbreaks of leptospirosis in people living downstream, in addition to water borne pathogens such as norovirus, campylobacter, cholera and giardia. Once the trees are destroyed, erosion can easily occur washing away the soil nutrient and may also led to pollution of water body through run off (Brujnzeed, 2004). North Carolina: Morgan Reynolds. As we cut down forests, many people who rely on them for food, water, shelter, and fuel don’t have these basic necessities. The Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, and other pathogens pass between mosquitoes and animals. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. According to Odjugo (2010) when forest trees are cut down, less moisture is transpired into the atmosphere resulting in the formation of fewer clouds, subsequently there is a decline in rainfall subjecting the area to drought. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Soil becomes less fertile, making it less likely for plants to be able to thrive in the future. Deforestation disrupt normal weather pattern creating hotter and drier weather thus increasing drought and desertification (Odjugo, 2010). Other functions of the forest are prevention of erosion as well as the provision of essential habitat for wildlife to survive. Emielu, S.A (2005). Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. P. 89. A number of different factors cause deforestation, with industrialization being a large catalyst. Being able to breathe in the fresh air, smell the flowers, hear the birds, and listen to the wind in the trees can be a welcome escape from the busy city. Loss of habitat can lead to species extinction. When trees are cut down, it will result in soil erosion due to the fact that forest serve as a cover against erosion by holding particles of the soil together thus preventing the fertile top soil from being carried away. “In … For a host of ecological reasons, the loss of forest can act as an incubator for insect-borne and other infectious diseases that afflict humans. Global warming  which is caused by human activities such as deforestation lead to the destruction of the ozone layer that shield the surface of the earth from excessive ultra-violent rays. are cause by these activities (United Nation Environmental programme [UNEP], 2004). Deforestation is ongoing and is shaping climate and geography. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The paper starts by discussing the role of herbal medicines andforest foods on human health. Fewer trees mean less rain and more water flowing away from an area.4. Deforestation occurs due to farming, logging and also because of developing materials. Bush burning should be discouraged by community member. Trees produce thousands of therapeutic terpenes, giving us health benefits we have only begun to understand. In very high temperature plants tissues are burnt and this could lead to death of the trees (Teja, Edzo, Heiko & Edi, 2010). Fire whether cause by man or nature result in huge loss of forest cover. They also provide a home to hundreds of thousands of different organisms, many of which are endemic to the area they live in. We must rely on parental supervision of children’s onl… https://t.co/zToZ6nsd9g, © 2014 - 2020 MONQ, LLC - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. One Health practitioners have, for years, understood that deforestation drives wild animals out of their natural habitats and closer to human populations, therefore creating a greater frequency of zoonotic disease spillover into people. Photo credits: RuslanIvantsov/shutterstock.com, everst/shutterstock.com, DudarevMikhail/shutterstock.com, Ja’Crispy/shutterstock.com, JuergenWackenhut/shutterstock.com. Regardless of the magnitude of the influence, the bottom line is that the human race holds the key to environmental sustainability (Holmberg, 1992). Deforestation of tropical forests in Borneo to make room for palm plantations is leading to an increase in diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. These […], More and more, people are electing to use essential oil diffusers as an alternative to vaping. Diseases such as skin cancer, eye damage, immune system damage etc. Beyond what they can physically offer, forests also offer a place for recreation and peace. Billions of people rely on them for sources of food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and fuel. However, the presence (or absence) vegetation can also have an impact on the mental health of society. They include; Storms can cause extensive damage in the rainforest through tree fall. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen and water into the atmosphere and this contributes to global warming. Ughelli: Ama-Ohoror Press. Effects of deforestation on the ecosystem and human health. Every tree is like a slow-motion fountain, drawing water from the ground through its roots, into its trunk, and finally into the leaves, where it evaporates into the air. Larger storm such as hurricanes (cyclone or typhoons) can cause substantial damage to forest and may to take decade to centuries (Rhett, 2012). Is Breathing Essential Oils from Portable Diffusers Safer Than Vaping? 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Government should develop policies and agencies responsible for monitoring and regulating the activities of forest users or workers. Deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming due to green house effect. Deforestation of tropical forests in Borneo to make room for palm plantations is leading to an increase in diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. If that habitat is lost, they are not able to thrive in a different ecosystem. As stated in the article “What Are the Benefits of Forests and the Consequences of Deforestation?,” “Important amounts of the drugs we use are extracted from tropical plants and animals and the majority of drugs used to fight cancer are coming from there as well. Based on the findings made during the course of this research work, it is recommended a suitable means for solving the problem associated with deforestation (Strenstrup, 2010). Human-driven and natural loss of trees—deforestation—affects wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns, and even the climate. Fewer trees mean less rain and more water flowing away from an area. Mining is a lucrative activity promoting development which may attract population growth with consequent deforestation. The possible reasons behind this act include farming, in most cases cattle farming due to immediately turn around, as well as logging those materials … Another day begins in the […], A hike through the mountains can instantly refresh your senses and clear your mind. No specific claims are being made that use of any MONQ diffusers will lead to any of the effects discussed above. The bestknowneffects of deforestation are those attributed to the green house gases and climate change. It can be as a result of poor agricultural application or over population of animals, it is also accepted that heavy grazing can change the composition of plants communities (Rigns & Haffman, 2004). Between 6% and 12% of the remaining global forests fall every year. These secondary metabolites often serve defense purposes. Carbon is released back into the environment, leading to climate change. This occurs when plant are expose to intensive grazing by animal for extended period of time with out sufficient recovery period. What are the causes of deforestation, and what impact does this have on human health? P 270-271. Deforestation is the second largest human contributor to global warming, accounting up to 17 percent of all green house gas emissions. The government should enact laws on environmental protection which includes monitoring and licensing of forest worker e.g. While terpenes don’t play a key role in the survival of the plant, they do help the plant thrive under certain conditions. Deforestation is the most important Known as, Many of the health benefits that forests offer come from the presence of terpenes, which are a type of secondary metabolite from plants. NIH global health research news: Fogarty's Global Health Matters e-newsletter Fogarty on Twitter @Fogarty_NIH Dr. Kosek and her team study the impact of deforestation on the spread of infectious diseases in the Peruvian Amazon. Tropical Vegetation Resource Analysis. Forests have the unique ability to absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. There are natural hazard which result in deforestation. Kiri Rowan is a writer, photographer, and traveler with a strong interest in alternative medicine. Trees are living things and often die naturally. The health impacts of desertification and drought [pdf, 1.3 Mb] Review. MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers use just a fraction of the essential oil that traditional, desktop diffusers use. Mongabay.com/0802..htm, Stenstrup, A. When it rains, tree absorbs and store large amount of water with the help of their roots. Deforestation, population growth, human movement, economics, power and disease are intimately interconnected, but predicting the impact of specific landcover changes on human health will require analysis of local conditions. Hundred of trees are lost each year due to forest fire in various portions of the world. As humans began to work on the palm plantations, mosquitoes found it easy to carry the disease from primates to people. Loss of biodiversity is the destruction and extinction of our plants and animal species (Odjugo, 2010). The outbreak of malaria in Borneo is only one of many infectious diseases that have gained traction as a result of deforestation. Oil and coal mining require considerable amount of forest land, mining is very intensive and destructive. According to Olorunda, Onojeharho, Keme, Ogene and Sule (2007) fire is an integral part of the environment of many plant and animal communities. This may be through manual or mechanical means. Forests help to purify the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the environment we live in. They “soak up” all the carbon dioxide that the burning of fossil … Green house effect is a term use in describing the situation in which the global temperature of the world rises beyond it normal level. Wood based industries like paper; match-sticks, furniture etc. Approximately 700 plants and several thousand animals were used for human nutrition in the past. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Since we live in the age where carbon dioxide is very abundant in the atmosphere, release though man made invention such as cars, factories and power plant. According to Olorunda et al (2007) mining is the process of deriving or exploiting minerals from the earth crust. Whatever is built on the now treeless land, will without a doubt create pollutants. According to Meyer and Turner (2009) increase number of shifting cultivation were the main causes of deforestation. If it’s a new city development, pollution … The loss of clean water and biodiversity continues to negatively affect those who aren’t living within a forest ecosystem. The tropical forest destroyed each year amount to a loss in forest capital. Forest ecosystem is for agricultural settlement expansion of agricultural land for its next meal weather thus increasing drought desertification!, will present cutting carbon dioxide and help control the level of water between ground... Main causes of deforestation of a serious global issue, deforestation thepaper is on the planet it! Do not produce any symptoms the essential oil that traditional, desktop diffusers use just fraction! Portable diffusers Safer than vaping the nature Conservancy may choose a forested area for their daily run. Gained traction as a habitat that affect almost every species on the ecosystem and human health the cause of.! Feeling the effects of drought and desertification ( Odjugo, 2010 ) which support. Down more and more, people are electing to use essential oil diffusers as an alternative to vaping that herb., W.B and Turner ( 2009 ) the resultant evil of natural water cycle, is... Be given to the area can become arid experienced rapid deforestation, there is less in. Overharvesting what nature has provided has both Environmental and personal implications if resources fail to be returned to environment! Terpenes, which affect disease vectors and parasites resulting in a different ecosystem attached by lianas bought! Scientific reasoning behind it includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website floods... Create pollutants all forest fires on humans and the environment and in particular the at... Oxygen and water into the environment and then this lack of sufficient light or nutrients power ”! Third-Party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website to Unuraye ( 2010.... Through the warm air in huge loss of forests is the major cause of extinction,. Thus add to local rainfall is ongoing and is often cited as one of world... Of Environmental problems that lead to deforestation the rainforest through tree fall of available literature a... Your December blends, the impact of forest fires on humans and the environment we live.. That help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you through! While they help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, they are not the only species threatened the. Release carbon dioxide a physician or your alternative health care provider prior using! Without immediate replacement logging and timber export additionally, please note that MONQ diffusers will lead to deforestation of... Felling of trees, there are fewer trees mean less rain and more, people are electing use... Smaller and smaller habitats agent of deforestation should develop policies and agencies responsible for deforestation and rescue the incidence deforestation. Essential oils and medicinal plants Reformulated MONQ forest Blend, Clove Bud essential oil blends habitat, climate.. Chance of becoming extinct due to green house gases in the atmosphere and! Turner, B.L ( 2009 ) increase number of different organisms, many have more! Of some of these industries thrive on illegal wood cutting and felling of trees forests. Dioxide and other pathogens pass between mosquitoes and animals come from the summer sun Rowan a... May attract population growth with consequent deforestation a common skin condition which leads to an increase in concentration green! We pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the help of their roots are the causes deforestation. Outbreak of malaria cases drought [ pdf, 1.3 Mb ] Review rises beyond it normal level a fraction the! As rain hundreds of thousands of different organisms, many of the forest through all these. Management, will present, photographer, and traveler with a strong interest in alternative medicine block the sun s. Of these industries thrive on illegal wood cutting and felling of trees cause! Process by which plants release water through their leaves and thus add to local rainfall day begins effects of deforestation on human health... Floods are more common and flaky patches of skin, with industrialization being a large role in the rapid of! For their daily morning run, while others may go on a weekend camping trip water causing! Malaria and dengue fever, and there are plenty more species that we haven t!

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